There is no distance for the Lord…

Welcome to our church website. We are thankful to the Lord you are here! Allow us to share our story on how our church was started. Our church began as a bible study with a group of people in Chicago gathered around a dining room table, one person leading the study in Texas and a cell phone connecting both. As our bible study grew in attendance and knowledge of the word of God, the Lord revealed to our leader he would become our Pastor. In October of 2009, our Pastor packed his belongings and drove a little under one thousand miles from Irving, TX to Chicago, IL. He came to raise a church and pastor a group of sheep entrusted to him by God. His calling had begun and La Casa de Dios was born.

The last three years we have been meeting as a humble house church until a faithful servant of God offered her property for the church to be built. On April 7th, 2012 we began construction on our new church. During the last three years, the Lord has been molding this church to his likeness. A church full of the truth, love, and compassion of Jesus Christ. A church led by a Pastor who boldly speaks the word of God and truly lives up to his calling. We invite you to take part in this exciting journey and together build for the Kingdom of God!

(Pastor Efrain Isaac and members of our church building the cross symbolizing the victory that the Lord has given our church!)






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