La Casa De Dios holds an all church bible study led by our Pastor Efrain Isaac every Monday evening at 6pm. Come join us as we  submerge ourselves into the word of God.


As men God has called us to be good leaders in our home as well as in the  church. Every Saturday at 9am we come together to find guidance in the word of God. We invite you to join us as we hold each other accountable in walking faithfully with God.

Every Saturday at 11:30am we come together to study the word of God and share experiences in our walk with the Lord. We gather to support and encourage each other to be God fearing women faithful women of God.  


The vision of La Casa de Dios is our youth. They are the future leaders of our church. It is important that they grow in understanding and knowledge of the word of God. Every Saturday at 10:30am ages 13 and up come together to learn about the good plans that God has for them . Come join us!


Every Sunday morning you will see something unique in our church- a youth led worship ministry! Our church is blessed to have youth of all ages praise the Lord with music and songs. Do you like to sing or want to learn how to play an instrument? We can help you develop the talents the Lord has given you as we provide music instruction (both instruments and voice lessons) to all.  Come be apart of the Childen of Light as together we honor and glorify the Lord.